Empowering the youth by the young at heart

Growing Hearts of Tomorrow

It’s only natural that we are designed to grow into adults. However, our environment plays a crucial role in the making of the individuals we will become tomorrow.

Nef-La Inc. seeks to make a lasting impact in this world, and what better way to start in the children’s hearts. There is no denying that education is a crucial component of a child’s progress. However, all goes in vain without the proper food, water, and shelter needed in a growing environment.

As a child reaches an understanding age, it’s clear to them the struggling aspects of their family’s day-to-day lives. And without the need for verbal consent, the child begins to lead a life of mental restraint. With these restraints, children are met with higher expectations of than ever before and, at times, never clearly communicated or disclosed to them.

We are asking you to be part of the equation by making a change in the growth tomorrow. Strive to share resources and knowledge to the youth and communicate the “Success” is carried out by the things you do those around you. It’s not a fixpoint from “A” to “B,” but continuous progress you do in life. Learning from errors is a success, making someone’s day is a success; teaching is a success; living is a success.

Join us by volunteering your time and sharing lasting life listing resources with the world.


Our board consists of woman that have demonstrated a natch to serve those and demonstrated continues growth in their own personal lives and those around them.


The organization counts on event coordinator, shipping logistics, networking connection, and a never-ending drive to make things happen.


Our team has the fortitude to fight for what they believe in and to overcome any obstacle.

Every grain of rice helps.

– Laura Bonilla

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